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The Global Lessor Network allows you to compete for lessees actively seeking equipment financing for vehicles, IT, data center, office, material handling and many other types of assets.

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New leasing opportunities

Receive prequalified opportunities for new equipment financing needs from lessees you may not otherwise have access to.

Lower cost of sales

Get all the information you need to finance new equipment lease transactions electronically. Submitting bids costs you nothing.

Clear, short deadlines

Submit proposals to lessees who have a confirmed need and a clear decision-making timeline. Typically, lessees respond 1–3 weeks after they receive your proposal.

Lessees with strong credit

Gain access to our network of lessees, many of whom are Fortune 1000 companies with strong credit ratings.

Members of The Global Lessor Network receive new equipment financing opportunities that match their profile

Whether you are a commercial bank, vendor captive or an independent leasing company, we can match you with lessees actively seeking equipment financing.

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Quick And Easy Registration

Create an online profile that defines the leasing transactions you support, including geography, ticket size, lease structures, and asset types.

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Profiles Matched Automatically

New transactions posted by LeaseAccelerator clients are compared to lessor profiles. If your profile matches the lease requirements, you’ll receive a request for proposal (RFP).

Step 3

Submit Bids Online

If you’re interested in the leasing opportunity, log into your account on The Global Lessor Network and submit a proposal based on the criteria in the RFP.

Step 4

Negotiate Contracts Directly

If our client accepts your proposal as the winning bid, you will engage them directly to negotiate and complete the equipment financing transaction.


The GLN has been extremely beneficial in helping us find new opportunities through PureLease clients and their sourcing team provides assistance with understanding their client RFPs and submitting successful bids.

Doug Bandol
National Account Manager, Huntington Technology Finance

The Global Lessor Network,
a gateway to new business.

The Global Lessor Network is integrated with LeaseAccelerator, a leading provider of Enterprise Lease Accounting software to Fortune 1000 companies around the world. LeaseAccelerator launched The Global Lessor Network to expand the opportunities for our clients to find the right lessor relationships, wherever they need to equipment financing.

$ 0 billion
Equipment financing sourced

From small to large ticket deals on material handling, data center, transportation, office and manufacturing equipment.


Including many of the world’s largest commercial banks, vendor captives and independent lessors.

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Countries worldwide

Bid on equipment financing opportunities for multinationals in Europe, Asia, North and South America

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